Lazina Begum is a resident of Musallipara village, situated in Panchgachi Union of Kurigram Sadar Upazila, Bangladesh. Recently, the area has been witnessing shifting monsoon patterns and excessive rainfall due to climate change. For almost six months every year, her house remains submerged under floodwater. Only a couple of years ago, her entire vegetable farm got destroyed due to inundation. To cope with this challenge, Lazina has started practicing ‘sack gardening’ on raised beds, as an innovative approach to protect her crops from rising waters. Her once-submerged land has now transformed into a thriving garden, boasting a variety of vegetables including ginger plants, pointed gourds, long beans, and an array of leafy greens. The raised bed method and sack gardening not only shield her crops from the recurrent floods, but have also become a source of substantial income for her. Having found sucess, Lazina passionately encourages her neighbors to adopt these resilient and profitable farming methods to ensure their livelihood security in the face of climate change impacts.